See Rich Groskopf do the meanest Frank Sinatra take you've ever heard on Late Night Denver

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John Rumley has posted the second Late Night Denver episode. Have you seen it yet? No? You taking a lunch today? Eat at your desk and watch this. So worth it. Besides the fact that Rumley, who plays guitar in Slim Cessna's Auto Club, is an absolute genius, a total natural as a host, the show -- the work of Rumley, Heather Dalton, Ian O'Dougherty, Teresa Mercado, Akmar Kincade, Nick Amodeo, Chad Johnson and Sherry Hern -- is a total throwback to the smoke-filled, drink-fueled heyday of the 1970s, when Dick Cavett and Johnny Carson reigned supreme. It's also quite entertaining, especially this episode, which features Rich Groskopf of Boss 302, the Denver Broncos UK (Slim Cessna, Munly Munly, Lord Dwight Pentacost and Rebecca Vera) and Lisa Cook. While the entire episode is worthy, Groskopf's take on Sinatra's "Summer Wind" is worth the price of admission alone. So is the DBUK's performance. Have a look.

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