Soccer moms of the world, unite: New Kids on the Block are coming to 1STBANK Center!

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So this one summer, before New Kids on the Block made all the girls (who are all middle-aged moms now -- meditate on that for a minute) swoon like no other, the dudes did an in-store at the mall in Cheyenne. I was there. My best friend was a DJ at the station presenting the meet-and-greet, and so we stopped by the in-store because why the hell not? The New Kids weren't even close to famous yet, but this being Cheyenne, people still came out in droves to meet them. Keep in mind, nobody knew what they looked like.

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How the Kids looked back then (click to enlarge). Rattails not pictured.
So me and Gooch come strolling in through the back door, where we were summarily greeted by collective gasps and disappointed looks from the crowd. We wondered why until one girl pointed at us to her friend and said, "That's them? God, they're ugly!" She was right: We were no heartthrobs. Well, Gooch wasn't, anyway. When the New Kids eventually showed up, we got a small taste of the Beatles-like reaction the fellas would soon inspire everywhere.

After glad-handing the girls (it was mostly girls), a few of the Kids -- who were rocking rattails, incidentally -- acted like entitled little jerks and, for whatever reason, saw fit to help themselves to some records, thinking that was evidently part of the deal. It wasn't. As I remember it, the store's manager and their manager had words. Good times.

Say, gentlemen, that's quite a package you've got there.

Anyhow, those kids, who are now grown men, which makes their name seem even more ridiculous, are coming to 1STBANK with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees. Cougar Town should be in full effect that night. Tickets for the Package Tour (no shit -- that's what it's called) range from $49.50 to $89.50 and go on sale this Friday, March 8, at 10 a.m.

Keep reading to see the other new shows on sale this weekend, including a string of shows from Fray guitarist Joe King.

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