SnowBall Music Festival 2013 tipsheet: The eight must-see acts you should catch Saturday

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Brandon Marshall
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For those of you lucky enough to be up in the mountains this afternoon for day two of the SnowBall Music Festival gets ready to get underway, you're probably going over the lineup and hatching a plan for what you're going to see today. If so, we've got you covered. We put together a short tipsheet of the must-see acts on today's bill. Keep reading to see what we've picked. If you're not in Winter Park, not to worry, it's a winter wonderland back here in the Mile High City. Tons of great shows to catch here, and you can always check out the SnowBall pics to see what you're missing up there.

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There seems to be a big influx of reverby, neo-garage rock everywhere lately. School Knights fares better than many bands because its youthful exuberance is not a pose. It's obvious this band has listened to more than its fair share of No Age and Siltbreeze artists like Eat Skull or Times New Viking -- or at least the bands influenced by that music. School Knights never lacks for musicianship, as evidenced on songs like "Prom Queen," where the guitar seems fluid yet spiky as it engages in rapid, precise arpeggios without showing off. Thematically, the guys in School Knights also keep things wonderfully angsty instead of engaging in a rewrite of high school as a golden era that so many of us were too big of losers to fully enjoy.

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Tumbleweed Wanders recently opened up for Tea Leaf Green at the Bluebird Theater, and their sound was similar to that act with sweet, sweet vocals and mad banjo playing skills on songs like "No Longer Waiting," "Roll With the Times" and "So Long Blues." The group's version of Dusty Springfield's "Son of A Preacher Man," meanwhile, was pitch-perfect. Tumbleweed Wanderers have a nice rhythm, and their harmonica makes their songs Bob-Dylan-beautiful.

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