SnowBall Music Festival 2013 tipsheet: The eight must-see acts you should catch Sunday

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Brandon Marshall
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Ah, yes, Sunday morning coming down. I believe that's how Kris Kristofferson once described the tail end of an epic bender, what, with no way to hold his head in a way that didn't ache and what have you. Hopefully you didn't go too hard the past two days; there's still one day of great music to look forward to. Nothing like a little hair of the dog to get you going. While you've been nursing your hangover and trying to get your wits about you, we've pulled together another list of must-see acts for today. Keep reading to see what made the list. Oh and if you stayed behind in the city, worry not: There's still some great shows to check out tonight.

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SURFER BLOOD - MAIN STAGE, 03:45 - 04:45
References to sun and surf are integral/inevitable parts of the Surfer Blood's tropical soundscape, but it's the young dudes' sense of humor that may contribute most to the band's longevity (see the video for "Swim," featuring a Mickey and Minnie Mouse beating the crap out of a guy with a walker). Surfer Blood makes music that could have happened fifteen years ago, but it sits nicely between contemporaries like Wavves and Vampire Weekend while paying obvious homage to the Beach Boys' early time in the sand.

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AEROPLANE - GROOVE TENT, 02:30 - 03:45
Yes, disco follows a formula. But Belgian-Italian producer Aeroplane (AKA Vito De Luca) isn't thinking small when it comes to the genre. He's not even concerned with floor fillers. In fact, he's aiming for nothing short of cosmic disco rapture, taking his cues from the '70s prog rock giants like Pink Floyd just as much as Italo-disco masters like Giorgio Moroder. The epic musicality of De Luca's productions is apparent in 2010 debut long player We Can't Fly, which garnered rave reviews from both the mainstream music press and underground EDM critics. In other words, he's found that rare balance between pop accessibility and underground cred. But fluff aside, Aeroplane's product is still disco, which means he's here to make you boogie.

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