Ultra 2013: This year's top fashion statements

Photo by George Martinez

There's something so liberating about going to an event like Ultra Music Festival. Although the looks change every year, there is a lax unity, an agreement, that you can get away with wearing whatever you want. Even so, there are things that uniformly trended this year at Ultra. Continue on for the top fashion statements of Ultra 2013.

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ultra face jewelry.JPG
Photo by Liz Tracy

Like Diamonds on Your Face
People's mugs are shimmering with crystals this year in downtown Miami. Face jewels add the perfect glamorous element to an ensemble, without the pressure of losing something pricey in a dusty field filled with ravers. Unlike wearing your grandmother's pearls, you can sweat these off, and your mom won't hate you forever.

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Matt Meyer
Matt Meyer

Next thing you know they will do a story on the loser who keeps tagging THC all over the city and champion him as the next Banksy.

Jonny Hamel
Jonny Hamel

Why does the Westword continue to cover crappy shows and raves populated by wayward adolescents? Take a cue from Reverb. I am soooo close to turning off these posts for good...

Marcus Renninger
Marcus Renninger

Also its annoying that you spread all your articles over 4 pages when they aren't even that long, just so you can get more ad revenue.

Michael Stein
Michael Stein

this isnt really fashion, just stuff you saw at raves and the like.

Armin Cosmo Sarabi
Armin Cosmo Sarabi

The best thing about Ultra is the fact that I'll be in Detroit for the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.

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