Westword Music Showcase: Colorado Symphony performs Beck Song Reader with special guests

Stevie Crecelius

The Colorado Symphony has just been added to the lineup for this year's Westword Music Showcase on Saturday, June 22. Having already performed successful collaborations with Trey Anastasio of Phish and DeVotchKa, the Colorado Symphony has proven to be notably progressive in its efforts to expand and the established boundaries of music. The Symphony and the Showcase -- talk about an ideal pairing. Since founding our annual festival nearly two decades ago, we've constantly striven to showcase the best musical talent in Colorado in all styles.

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And so the addition of the Symphony, aside from bolstering an already stellar lineup and elevating the quality of the overall music experience for the festival itself, will also expose fans to an often overlooked form of music in a highly engaging context conducive to more passive listeners -- well, and it's featuring the music of Beck that he ostensibly penned specifically with this type of collaboration in mind.

Eric Gruneisen

The Beck Song Reader is a batch of twenty original compositions written by Beck and published as sheet music by McSweeney's. The music, which Beck has no plans to record or perform, was written specifically with the intent of allowing other musicians to interpret songs freely, and so far, while plenty have done just that, the Colorado Symphony is set to be the first orchestra anywhere to perform the Beck Song Reader on this scale. Needless to say, this very special performance, which will include some of the best local players from our scene, is a must-see. Get your tickets now, if you haven't already!

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