Westword Music Showcase: Sign up for Voice Daily Deals, get discounted tix Friday-Sunday

Sign up for Voice Daily Deals by 10 p.m. tonight to get your discounted tickets for Showcase.

The nineteenth annual Westword Music Showcase is coming up fast. If you've already snagged your tickets, good on you! Obviously you know what's cracking, which is why we just know you're going to jump on this like a fat guy on free pizza. Tomorrow through Sunday, you can get GA tickets for 25 percent off and VIP tickets for 33 percent off through our Voice Daily Deals. Pick one up for your buddy, or if you haven't gotten yours yet, here's your chance. To get in on action, you just need to sign up for Voice Daily Deals by 10 p.m. tonight.

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Dada Life
If you've been to Showcase before, you know we're all about going out on a high note at the end of the night, dancing ourselves into traction and partying like it's our last night on earth. In recent years, this role has been filled by Ghostland Observatory, Chromeo and Girl Talk. We needed something on par with those acts, someone who is bigger than life, over the top and capable of providing the perfect soundtrack. Alas, we found 'em: Dada Life. If you're looking to kick out the epic, look no further.

Keep reading for more headliners, and be sure to sign up for Voice Daily Deals to get in on this weekend's special discounted ticket price.

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