Pretty Lights, A Color Map of the Sun: Derek Vincent Smith reveals details of new album

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Britt Chester

The Daft Punk dudes may be generating all the headlines right now for its forthcoming album, Random Access Memories, on which they flip the script by incorporating analogue instruments and production techniques, but they're not the only ones going more organic. Pretty Lights is doing pretty much exactly the same thing with its new album, A Color Map of the Sun, only without the high profile guests and the ostentatious pageantry.

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Derek Vincent Smith, better known around these parts as Pretty Lights, revealed the details of his new album last night after performing at Coachella. On the forthcoming album, A Color Map of the Sun, rather than relying on samples to construct his new record as he did previously, Smith created all the sounds organically with actual instruments.

While the album, which is due out on Tuesday, July 2, will be available for free download as with past releases. This time around, there will be a physical version for sale that Smith is encouraging everybody to kick down for when it comes out, not only to get the full experience with artwork and additional tracks but to ultimately help elevate the presentation of the music and to further underwrite his ongoing artistic endeavors.

Continue on for Smith's statement about the music and to see a teaser clip from the documentary about the making of the new album.

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