Ghost B.C. at Ogden Theatre, 4/18/13

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Tom Murphy
Ghost B.C. on stage at the Ogden Theatre in Denver last night


As is customary at this point, before Ghost took the stage, Jocelyn Pook's haunting "Masked Ball" from Eyes Wide Shut came through the P.A. and perfectly set the mood for what was to follow. At first, the Nameless Ghouls took their places and started off with "Per Asperi ad Inferi" in costumes that resembled a more stylized and less cumbersome doctor masks from the era of the black plague. When Papa Emeritus II strode dramatically forth, the enthusiasm level went up a notch.

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Tom Murphy
Ghost B.C. on stage at the Ogden Theatre in Denver last night.

After the first new song of the evening, Ghost played a crowd favorite from Opus Anonymous, "Con Clavi Con Dio," on a stage bathed in red. For "Secular Haze" the crowd let out an even greater sound of appreciation as soon as the carnival music-esque intro revealed which song was next.

Toward the end of the tune, something caused the sound system to drop out for a second, but this didn't even seem to faze the band. The following song, "Stand By Him," sounded less like the usual Ghost faire and more like something KMFDM might do, resulting in one of the only songs of the night where the metal went on the industrial side. Emeritus gestured dramatically like a silent movie actor throughout the whole show.

Tom Murphy
Ghost B.C. at The Ogden Theater

After a rousing rendition of "Satan's Prayer," Emeritus left the stage and let the rest of the band shine with the instrumental "Genesis" before returning for another crowd favorite with "Year Zero," which centers on a chorus of "Hail Satan!" "Ritual" would have closed the show out, but shortly after the group left the stage, the band came back out for an encore of "Monstrance Clock."

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Ogden Theatre

935 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Wow, they didnt play Infesstissumam in the beginning?

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