R.I.P., Chris Haney

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Update, 11 a.m. 5/01/13: We just added a photo post tribute to Chris Haney containing some of the photos that will be featured in a slide show at the memorial this Friday at the Gothic Theatre in remembrance of Chris Haney. Keep reading for details on the memorial and for a few words about from Haney from some of his friends.

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Chris Haney Memorial Details:

Update, 3:30 p.m. 4/29/13: A memorial and celebration of Chris Haney's life is due to take place this Friday, May 3, at the Gothic Theatre. A memorial is planned from 6 to 7 p.m., after which the bar will open; with Moe's BBQ providing food.

And then, beginning at 8 p.m., a number of locals acts will perform in tribute to Haney, including Speedwolf, Havok, Lola Black and the Limbs. There is no cover, but donations are being accepted, and all the money raised will be earmarked specifically for Lydia, Haney's beloved five-year-old daughter (a fund has been established for her already if you'd like to make a donation now rather than waiting until Friday). The band Undun will also be donating all of the proceeds from its merch sales this week to the Haney fund.

Also, a quick heads-up: Justin Headrick is spearheading an effort to collect photos of Haney for Friday night's memorial. If you have any, please feel free to reach out to him directly via Facebook.

"He was the sweetest, biggest-hearted guy I have ever known," says Shelton, echoing a common sentiment among everybody who knew Haney. "He was always a peacemaker. It's going to be a poorer town without him in it. He was just an even-keeled dude, man. I never saw him mad. Never saw him mad.

"I asked him not long ago -- he was talking about something, and I said, 'Do you ever get depressed?" Shelton goes on. "And he said, 'Sometimes I get depressed. But I have so many friends, I can't stay depressed,' and that was an awesome thing. He wasn't bragging or anything. He was just like, 'Naw, I have so many friends, they just cheer me up.'"

Sounds like they were all merely returning the favor.

Continue on for more from Haney's friends about his life.

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This is such a terrible loss, he was so fantastic with his daughter, I feel for that little girl.


I'm glad you used the word "tragically" to help describe loss of life in the first sentence. That helped differentiate this death from all the other totally hilarious losses of life that we usually read about.


I'm crushed. Truly one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  He will be greatly missed.


@matt1198 I never knew the gentleman who died, I've never been to any of the clubs nor have I heard of any of the bands mentioned. I signed up to this site for only one reason, and that is to let you know Matt1198 - you sir, are a dick.


@matt1198 I'm glad that in a piece written about the death of someone who many people are obviously grieving you feel the need to point out your dissatisfaction with a word choice.    Keeping it classy, I see.


@Michael McQueen  I hope there is a trial so everyone can see how much he meant. The courthouse is not big enough to hold all of us. 

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