Sub.mission Dubstep expands to Hawaii

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Britt Chester
Mala flipping records at Sub.mission's five-year celebration

For the past six years, Nicole Cacciavillano and her Sub.mission crew have had the dubstep scene in Denver completely on lock. The locally based powerhouse promoter has extended its reach outside of Colorado by launching an outpost in Hawaii; Corey Blecha, an intern-turned-overseer who recently relocated to Maui, will helm the island operations.

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Britt Chester
Corey Blecha

With Blecha now based in Hawaii, establishing a Sub.mission outpost made absolute sense. Geographical proximity aside, the opportunity to create a thriving scene is there, says Blecha, who immediately took note of the otherwise lacking dubstep scene. "You are really not ready for it until you get here," he observes. "Obviously, on the surface, it's awesome, but it's a whole different world. I realized there is more here since there is less going on."

Cacciavillano and company have plans for extensive growth in the coming months, beginning with Sub.mission Hawaii's upcoming launch. The promoter is set to make its Hawaiian debut next month with a show featuring Joe Nice and local DJ Lovelace at Casanova Club in Makawao. Tickets for the party are $10 -- not much different that the shows here in Denver. Cacciavillano herself is planning a trip out to the islands to see her satellite operation in action this summer.

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There are no boundries when it comes to dubstep! This is an awesome opportunity for these artists. Congrats guys and girls. I do love me some dubstep. I love it so much I started a website called "I Love Dubstep".

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