Tryst owner to take over club in Jet Hotel

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At one time, the Jet Entertainment Group ran a number of spots in town, including Wicked Garden, two Purple Martini locations (one of which was later dubbed Jet South) and the Jet Lounge, located on the main floor of the Jet Hotel, which opened in 2006 at 1612 Wazee Street. Over the past few years, the Jet group closed or sold its venues, and earlier this year, it got out of the hotel business, too. Now Paul Piciocchi, the man behind Tryst, Mix Music Lounge, the Drink and Chances, has taken over the club section of the Jet building.

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The hotel section of the building will reportedly be turned into offices, and Piciocchi will keep the first floor and basement as a club. As of now, Piciocchi says he doesn't have a firm game plan of what will happen with the club and adds that he's in the process of sorting that out. Keep an eye on Backbeat for updates; as soon as we find out what's next for the space, we'll let you'll know.


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Jet Hotel & Lounge - CLOSED

1612 Wazee St., Denver, CO

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Laura Settle Flynn
Laura Settle Flynn

the kind where people don't pick up your cell phone off the ground and then charge you 35 bucks to get it back. just sayin.

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