Uncle Nasty back on the air at 107.1 Jack FM

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He's back! After being unceremoniously let go at KBPI this past December by Clear Channel, Greg Stone, aka Uncle Nasty, is back on the air in Denver.

The popular DJ and longtime local music supporter, who was a radio staple in the Mile High City for the better part of two decades, has been picked up by 107.1 Jack FM. Stone began broadcasting earlier this week, and he'll be making various appearances here and there, including the one today at Jackson's in LoDo in honor of opening day.

While his air time at Jack is notably concise compared to his previous afternoon drive time show, for legions of Hail Nasty devotees, it's just been nice to hear his familiar voice again. We all wondered when he'd be back.

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"I settled," the avuncular deep voiced DJ says of resolving his tangle with Clear Channel, which effectively allowed him to get back behind the mic. "The only thing I got out of it was they cut three months off the non-compete [clause]. They still only offered a month of severance."

The plan for now is for Nasty to lend the station his iconic voice throughout the day, and then offer abbreviated versions of his interviews on the air weekly, with the station then making the full audio (and video, in some cases) available online. For his part, Stone has some big plans for the future and is glad to be back on the radio in Denver.

"I love it here," he declares, "the twenty years that I grew up here and my kids grew up here and the relationships I've made [that] I don't have to say goodbye to. Ultimately, I'm only as strong as the community. I want the community to be strong. I salute Denver. People are really nice to me. I really like this town, and I'm glad that I have this relationship with the audience."

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Uncle Nasty was one of the finest PEOPLE-not just talents-on Denver radio.  When they ran their food drive for Food Bank of the Rockies, I and MANY other people showed up to help him out with that worthy cause.  I got my whole office to chip in, and it was thanks to him saying HEY, we're out here trying to feed the homeless.

He's the only Libertarian voice in Denver, a professional, and a gentleman.  I only got to talk to him twice, and both times, he was full of life, energy, and love for our community.  No one is perfect, and I doubt he is, but he's a great man for Denver.


I've met Uncle Nasty.. He and Matt Need are pure gold in my book... NEVER BURNED me or ANYONE ONE I KNOW.. THEY HAD MANY PEOPLE I KNOW IN THE STUDIO TO PROMOTE LOCAL ART AND, MUSIC WITHOUT CHARGING A DIME... Pretty hateful mother fuckers... Have some more of your Hateorade homeboy!



He's one of the MAIN reasons MANY QUIT listening to local radio all together !

Chuck Woodford
Chuck Woodford

Poor guy. Just couldn't leave well enough alone. Ha!


@DonkeyHotay  " Hail Nasty !!"........

I hope that is pure sarcasm ! Have you ever met or dealt w/ the fuck ?


@DonkeyHotay @Juan_Leg hey fucker why you say hater bro??you sound likje a lil bitchy girl who got dumped..you are a pussy and a liar. if u knew him like his REAL people know him youd see how completley fucking stupid you look ...get the sand out of your mangina poser.....

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