Horns for Haney: A photo tribute to Chris Haney

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Earlier this week, Kent Shelton shared a conversation with me that he had with Chris Haney some time ago in which he asked Haney if he ever got depressed. "Sometimes I get depressed," Shelton recalled his friend saying. "But I have so many friends, I can't stay depressed...They just cheer me up."

Judging from the gracious groundswell of support from all parts of the scene for the devout metalhead, as well as the sheer overwhelming number of folks who stopped by our memorial page this week, and the numerous exchanges I've had with mutual friends from all walks of life in the past week, Haney wasn't exaggerating. Dude was greatly loved.

Haney, who passed away nearly a week ago, is a man who is universally remembered as one of the kindest, gentlest souls around. A great many hearts in Denver are heavy right now. It's a safe bet that HaneyStock, the memorial service and tribute concert at the Gothic this Friday will be brimming, if not bursting, with the people who loved Haney.

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In his honor and theirs, I've pieced together a photo tribute to Haney with some of the photos that folks have shared on Facebook and some that Justin and Kindra Headrick have been gathering all week for a photo tribute on Friday night. You can see the full tribute then, but below you'll find many of the photos that will be included. There's at least one benefit show being put together for Haney's daughter, Lydia, this July. We'll post all the details on that when we have them. Meantime, continue on for a photo tribute to Haney, including some rare shots from his childhood. And while you're at it, please feel free to share your favorite memories of Haney below. I'm sure we'd all love to hear how he touched your life or made you smile. I know I would.

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How can I buy a shirt? I'm out of town right now! I really want one to remember him and it's perfect.


Thank You, Chris, for reminding me that it does pay to be a good person. No matter what comes with life, standing up for what is right, staying positive regardless and loving your friends your neighbors and your perfect strangers. You were always such a great energy to be around. Even when we first started to get to know each other and I would forget your name, you never judged or got offended. You laughed and reminded me and hugged me and told me how great it was to see me. You are a rare kind my friend. This world truly has a void without you in it. However, hopefully you have taught a scene of crazy metal heads and others alike a life lesson. Be you, be true and go out and do something good. You will be missed and you are without a doubt loved.

dave.herrera moderator editor

@dignitz Our privilege. Thanks for reading, and thanks to Justin, Kindra and everybody else who shared their photos.

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