The ten best concerts in Denver this weekend


Prince became a household name after the release of his third album, 1982's 1999. Over the years, his perfectly realized blend of rock, pop, funk and jazz has proved equally popular with audiences and critics. Throughout the '80s, Prince released hit records that broke genre barriers, not just in terms of radio programming, but within the music itself. His versatility and breadth of musical vision have influenced a broad spectrum of popular music ever since. Prince is playing four-shows at the Ogden this weekend with his new band 3rd Eye Girl.

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Compared to airbrushed, frosted-bang pretty boys like the ones in Rascal Flatts, Atlanta's Zac Brown Band looks like it came straight to Nashville from a bare-knuckled dustup with the Kentucky Headhunters. However, the strand of Southern rock that Brown and company are most steeped in is the free-form Widespread Panic variety; their high harmonies and pickin' skills also make them one of the most bluegrass-­sounding acts to make serious Music City inroads since either Alison Krauss or Ricky Skaggs. This is a group of good ol' boys, albeit modern ones.

In recent years, the Black Angels have deservedly been a prominent band in the psychedelic rock world. Though the act had the rare distinction of being the backing band for one of the pioneers of psychedelic rock, Roky Erickson of the 13th Floor Elevators, the music created by the Austin-based act is also rooted in hip-hop rhythms and the shimmering flow of shoegaze bands of the '90s. This, in combination with its own distinct, dark flavor, makes for a thrilling sense of menace hovering in the background.

"Second verse, same as the first!" When Joey Ramone, innocently enough, heisted this line from Herman's Hermits, little did he know that it would one day become a battle cry. Since then, untold scores of punk and indie acts have clung fanatically to a simple, profoundly imbecilic idea: making every one of their songs sound exactly the same. Portland's the Thermals, however, know full well the power of sounding like a broken record. At first glance, it might seem like a wad of geeky, repetitive pop punk in sore need of some antihistamine. Lean closer, though, and you'll notice a chaotic splay of soul, thought and emotion wherein Minor Threat drops acid with Robert Pollard and armed revolution swaps spit with drunken heartache.

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Colin Rottiger
Colin Rottiger

I REALLY want to go see Prince but Grandma only send me $5 for my I only need $245 more for entrance fee


I wouldn't pay $2.50, NOWHERE near the $250.00 price tag, per ticket for Prince !

Tony Blank
Tony Blank

hook me up with a ticket to see prince and I'll love you long time?

James Herrick
James Herrick

Two Cow Garage tonight at the Lost Lake Lounge


Disappointing lack of Two Cow Garage at the Lost Lake Lounge tonight.

Jeberto Vaskiss
Jeberto Vaskiss

I remember when I had my agency in St Paul, MN and he used 120 of my models as extras in his movie Purple Rain and he also used my xwife in his movie Under the Cheri Moon plus I did a major production for him called MACHISMO at the SAM's Club and 7th Street Entry in MPLS. I also had Shelia E. do a production in which she hired 20 of my dancers for her show in SAM's Night Club plus I worked with her sister ZINA Escobedo and did her portfolio. When I went to his house and his recording studio he was a real cool guy and very smart. I recall him with Morris and Jelly Bean doing their tracks for the movie Purple Ran. Does were the days!

dave.herrera moderator editor

@tzadik42 Two Cow is badass. Our bad for leaving them out. Thanks for pointing out the oversight.

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