Cold Crush now open at 2700 Larimer

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Trevor Andersen

Inspired by late-'70s hip-hop group Cold Crush Brothers, Brian Mathenge recently celebrated the grand opening of his Cold Crush bar/restaurant/art gallery with Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs. He opened the spot at 2700 Larimer, directly across the street from Meadowlark, "as an artist's haven, a place where artists, poets, musicians and those who appreciate their work can meet, mingle and eat great food."

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Trevor Andersen
Mathenge, who's co-owner of the Killer Shrimp Restaurant and Bar in Marina Del Rey, California, splits his time between Colorado and Southern California, and he's been a longtime fan of Denver's art community. Cold Crush's management team includes general manager and art enthusiast Eric Cunningham and DJ/producer DJ MU$A.

DJs spin funk, soul and hip-hop five nights a week as well as rock on Tuesdays and reggae on Tuesdays. Cold Crush boasts a club-worthy sound system and will bring in regular guest musicians and DJs as well as spoken-word poets and local and national acts.

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Cold Crush

2700 Larimer St., Denver, CO

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PederBlack3000 1 Like

Weird vibe you say? Thuggish snobs? Trendy? "Where THESE people are coming from". Sounds like you're attempting to mask what your really mean to imply. I would describe the clientele as racially mixed, urban and most importantly completely different than the other establishments currently in the RiNo district. The Hip Hop/Funk/Soul vibe and crowd it draws was sorely missing in the area and moreover the DIVERSITY. There are plenty of other watering holes that should keep you and your ilk happy. I live and work in the neighborhood (which is a stones throw from 5-Points and also historically deeply related to the African American community) and this new establishment and the clientele is GREATLY appreciated in my opinion. Thank you Cold Crush family for keeping it real and doing things your way. Your packed nights are a reflection that many of us understand the vision, enjoy the premises and wish you nothing but continued success. Keep crushing homogeneity.


Weird vibe in this place.  I've been twice, both on weekend nights when it's absolutely packed.  The nicest guys work at the front door.... and that's where the hospitality ends.  It attracts a crowd of thuggish snobs, and the bartenders will look you dead in the eye and pass you up for someone who looks trendier.  I live in the neighborhood, and I don't know where these people are coming from with these attitudes.  I'll gladly continue to patronize the other bars in the area.  Cold Crush is not a welcome addition in my opinion.

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