The ten best faceless metal bands

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These are the phantoms of the metal opera. They are the faceless. Human? Alien? Robot? Beast? Pinky and the Brain? Luke Skywalker's father? Nobody knows for sure. The only way we could ever find out is if we go back in time to the '50s to collect a bunch of UPC codes for some X-ray glasses. For now, this list of the faceless will haunt your nightmares.

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10. Underlined
Underlined looks like they just crawled out of the La Brea Tar Pits, wearing masks created with random junk they found floating around the bubbling black goo. Their crisp electronic industrial metal clashes with their getup until screams of hatred bellow from behind a black mask. They can be considered a second-generation masked metal band inspired by Slipknot and Mushroomhead in the '90s. They look almost as if Satan took a rib from each Slipknot member to create Underlined and to ultimately populate our world with his demon spawn who make metal.

9. The Locust
Coming from San Diego, you would think the Locust would wear fewer clothes or just play in the buff, but the members of this spastic experimental punk grindcore band look like the Fantastic Four of surfers, with heads like those of flies. The Locust has an awesome strict policy of not playing any Clear Channel venues as a big 'fuck you' to corporate radio. If they really wanted to cash in, they could play in multiple cities simultaneously, like the Blue Man Group.

8. Lordi
All things horror and monsters, Lordi combines hard rock with strong elements of metal -- alternating with each album -- in the footsteps of the great shock-rockers Kiss and Alice Cooper. Lordi is like a Finnish Tales From the Crypt: The members haunt their fans to satisfy their horror B-movie fix all while appeasing their urge to rock. The band has never been photographed or interviewed without its various costumes, including those of mummies, zombies, demon-like creature, an other worldly warrior and a Predator-like creature.

7. The Berzerker
Unmasked later in their career, the members of the Berzerker looked more vile and primitive than their Australian island prisoner ancestors when masked, showing up as animalistic demons, the undead, and an ancient mummy that took the time to swing by a mall to clothe himself. Before 2004, the bandmembers were simply known as The Drummer, The Bassist, The Vocalist and The Guitarist. (The rest of their crew should have been called The Manager, The Bodyguard and The Groupie(s).) After the guys' masks melted several times while they were on tour, they decided it was easier to just get their faces all naked.

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Forgot about Portal. And does Sunn 0)) count? Because I would have included them too.

Khena Fawn
Khena Fawn

I wandered up to Ghost B.C. at Lollapalooza this year and they totally blew my hair back! Instafan


no Shaolin Death Squad at first place?!!!


No Portal? No Dragged Into Sunlight?? this list is a sham.


Even though we all know what David Brockie and Corey Taylor look like. COME ON MAN! I'm still trying to figure out who the vocalist of Brujeria is! BTW, it's a load of bull they didn't make it on this list.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

As FUGLY as these bastards are, no wonder they wear masks onstage.

Hey Adam, do you need two hands to count to five?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

If you're going to mention Buckethead, you might want to show a PIC of Buckethead ... you empty buckethead.

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