SpokesBUZZ prepares for BandSwap, a program in which local acts trade gigs in other cities

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Kirsten Cohen
The Yawpers are one of the bands taking advantage of SpokesBUZZ's BandSwap program.

Trading gigs with bands in other cities is not just a novel concept, it's pivotal for acts trying to make inroads outside of the local scene. It can often mean the difference between playing for bar staff, those obligated to be there, and actual fans. While countless outfits have been doing this for years, SpokesBUZZ out of Ft. Collins has established a formal means for groups to participate in such an effort with its aptly named BandSwap program.

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Led by Dani Grant of the Mishawaka Amphitheatre, the Fort Collins-based nonprofit has arranged for seven local acts to travel to affiliate cities, including Nashville, Tennessee, Portland, Oregon, Chico, California, Asheville, North Carolina, Madison, Wisconsin and Lafayette, Louisiana, for a series of shows at the end of September and then returning the favor for groups from those cities during the first week of October. Participating bands are slated to be announced sometime today.

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