Ten acts you must see at Global Dance Festival

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Britt Chester
Savoy returns to Red Rocks this weekend, this time as one of the headliners for Global Dance Festival.

Savoy's laser show is now one of the most acclaimed in the country, and that's just the visual element. The acts sound, which draw influence from dubstep, trap, house and electro, is equally as compelling, and the group's live act offers high energy bangers that leave little room for breathers. Red Rocks has become an annual stop for these three friends who met at the University of Colorado just under a decade ago, and you can bet that they'll be bringing the party this time out, as well.

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Conspirator - Plaza Stage, Friday July 19
This four-piece electro-rock band consists of Disco Biscuits members Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein, as well as KJ Sawka of Pendulum and Chris Michetti of RAQ. What started out as a fun jam with friends amidst touring has turned into a wildly successful project that delivers insane blends of Magner's keyboard and Sawka's drums, all laid over progressive basslines courtesy of Brownie and ballad-esque riffs from Michetti. It's fast moving dance music shrouded in rock and roll, and it's a perfect way to kickstart your weekend at the Rocks.

EOTO - Main Stage, Friday July 19
Michael Travis and Jason Hann have built quite the following around a side project that is now a full force of improvised jam music. Boasting no backing tracks, the duo take the stage with an open canvas, allowing them to roll from a psychedelic rock version of a DMX track into a bongo solo from two brilliant percussionists. Adding the impressive element of the Lotus stage has only garnered more praise from the fans, as the visual stimulation is complimented perfectly by the improv set.

Ott - Main Stage, Friday July 19
Taking a different path to musical success than many, Ott's modern dub sounds are the best primer for any real dance festival. It's chilled out music that is perfect to light up to, and then, before you know it, you're breaking a sweat keeping up with his pulsating bass lines and eerie keyboard hooks. Hailing from England, the middle-aged producer has quite the resume filled with producer credits for acts like Sinead O'Connor, Brian Eno and the Orb. His music, however, is much different than anything you've heard, and missing this set would be a very regrettable move for you.

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You guys totally missed out by not putting Beats Antique on this list. 

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