Here's what the Bluebird looked like in 1933

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Kate Levy
The Bluebird Theater as it looks today.

The Bluebird Theater. You know it. You love It. You've been to hundreds of shows there, and have probably driven past it ten times that over the years. You've probably heard the folklore about how at some point the theater apparently used to show dirty pictures sometime before it hosted the Dirty Projectors or whatever.

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Western History/Genealogy Dept., Denver Public Library via /r/denver
The Bluebird Theater as it looked eighty years ago.

Well, whatever the case, before that, it used to show first-run movies. Today, somebody on Reddit's /r/Denver posted a shot of the Bluebird as it looked in 1933. (The Library's Western History & Genealogy Blog posted the same shot last summer, but somehow we missed it.) Anyhow, marvel above at how the place looked long before you and I were even a glimmer in our daddy's eye. Wonder what ever happened to that giant bluebird?

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Bluebird Theater

3317 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Rob Karnisky
Rob Karnisky

I saw Eric Burdon perform here in the 1990s - awesome!

Eric Smiles
Eric Smiles

Now it looks like it needs to be torn down.

Aaron Wall
Aaron Wall

Should have picked the other pic as the cover.

Amy McGinnis
Amy McGinnis

I didn't know chicks regularly wore daisy dukes in 1933. :-)

Robert Goose Guzmán
Robert Goose Guzmán

Of course I know. I went there to see Behind the Green Door with Marilyn Chambers, circa 1979. Cheers


@Aaron Wall Thats what I said. Talk about extremely stupid picture placement to go with that Headline. 

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