The best EDM in Denver this weekend


In just one short year, Tigran Mimosa went from bass-bombing Cervantes' and playing free shows at Boulder record stores to headlining the Fillmore. His album 58 Degrees showcases his drum-and-bass influences while hinting at his progression into a finer, more complex realm of musical composition and cross-genre remixes. A true student of the electronic era, Mimosa isn't just another whomp-stomp-wobble-repeater maestro: His tracks blend drums, bass, hip-hop, dub and downtempo into one melodic collage that will have you grooving from start to finish. Bass Science and Papa Skunk will open for this impresario. (8:30 p.m., all ages, $25) -- Britt Chester

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IDEAL FLOW @ BETA | FRI, 8/30/13
Ideal Flow (who also goes by Peter Cliffton) was born and raised in Los Angeles, the town he currently calls home, but he also spent some time in the Mile High City, playing in a couple of bands and honing his chops before returning to the West Coast. Fans of dark, minimal techno will appreciate his sound, which is extra-gritty while retaining a deceptively simple, minimal undertone. Ideal Flow has created remixes for several labels and released his own tracks on Android Muziq, Gynoid Audio and many more. Dropping heavy bass lines with delicately syncopated rhythms and robotic synth sounds, he meshes everything together in a mechanical groove that's beyond captivating.

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