The ten best shows in Denver this week

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Aaron Thackeray

Few bands of the past two decades have had as profound an influence on as wide a spectrum of artists as My Bloody Valentine. Not only did the landmark 1991 album Loveless have a massive impact on the group's peers at the time, but it has since influenced such disparate acts as Napalm Death and Kylesa, as well as most experimental guitar bands that followed them. With such a masterpiece to live up to, it's not surprising that the quartet didn't release an immediate sequel. But this year, My Bloody Valentine did put out a new album, a self-titled effort on which the band, rather than trying to outshine the previous work, proved itself capable of picking up where it left off and moving forward.

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Better known as DāM-FunK, Damon Riddick is a walking embodiment of West Coast Relaxation, creating an electrifying brand of modern funk. Heavily inspired by the synth-based funk of the late '70s/early '80s, his music is full of interstellar synthesizers rife with analog warmth. Often referred to as the "Ambassador of Boogie Funk," DāM-FunK's musical vision and love for synth funk has reached beyond his home in L.A. and out into the world. Catch DāM-FunK on this stop of the Stones Throw Soul Tour with Peanut Butter Wolf, the Stepkids and Myron & E.


Coming out of the punk and metal milieus of Savannah, Georgia, in 2003, Baroness arrived on the scene armed with driving grooves and a penchant for crafting vivid yet gritty melodies. Unlike the output of seemingly kindred acts, whose sound clearly drew inspiration from Black Sabbath, the music of Baroness has always had more in common with that of Deep Purple. And with last year's double album, Yellow & Green, Baroness further refined its sound. The songs are still heavy and dark, but this latest phase of development finds the band moving beyond the well-trod reaches of sludge rock into territory that's simultaneously more accessible and experimental.(Baroness is also due at the Black Sheep in Colorado Springs on Tuesday, August 20.)

Twenty years ago, Dave Matthews Band played Red Rocks for the first time, opening for the Tragically Hip and the Samples, and went on to build a loyal following with early shows at the Fox Theatre in Boulder. In the two decades since, the guys have, of course, played dozens of memorable shows here, including headlining dates at the now-defunct Mile High Music Festival and return trips to Red Rocks (most famously, the one that resulted in Live at Red Rocks 8.15.95), amassing a legion of fans along the way. For last year's Away From the World, DMB recruited producer Steve Lillywhite for the first time since 1998 and created a forward-thinking, inward-searching album that earned the group the distinction of having the most albums ranked at number one on Billboard for an American band, an honor it shares with the Eagles.

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