Action Bronson and Danny Brown at Ogden Theatre on Sept. 17. Tickets on sale Saturday

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Eric Gruneisen

Action Bronson, who was just in town last week supporting Mac Miller on the undercard of his headlining bill at the Ogden Theatre, will be making his way back to the Mile High City for a co-headlining date with Danny Brown, an equally esteemed rapper who's made several trips to Denver himself. Tickets ($22) for the Denver stop of the aptly dubbed 2 High 2 Die tour go on sale this Saturday, August 10, at 10 a.m.

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Eric Gruneisen

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Ken Romero
Ken Romero

A beard like that Action Bronson... awsome in concert. Seen him Cervantes'

Biggie Balboa
Biggie Balboa

sucks when i know you from a G pen and not from your music

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