Baroness battles back from catastrophe

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Doug Seymour
Baroness frontman John Baizley (second from left)

By Jason Roche

One year ago, Baroness was touring Europe in support of its critically acclaimed record Yellow & Green. The ambitious double album was generating a strong buzz for the Georgia-based band. The momentum came to a screeching halt, though, on a rainy morning in August, 2012, when the band's tour bus plunged thirty feet off a viaduct. The accident, which occurred in Bath, England, injured nine people. Three members of Baroness were in the hospital for more than two weeks.

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A year later, Baroness frontman John Baizley has recovered from a broken left leg and a broken left arm. He has led his band back to the road, including an appearance tonight at the Bluebird Theater. His injuries may have been bad, but it turns out that wasn't the hardest part.

"We were holding up poorly under the stress of not being on tour," Baizley says on the phone during a day off in Champaign, Illinois. "We feel like active participants in our lives again now that we're touring. The stress is there, but it's the stress that we like. It's the off-time stresses that were really getting to us."

Dealing with the fallout from the bus accident took a major toll on the Savannah quartet. Then-Baroness drummer Allen Blickle and then-bassist Matt Maggioni each suffered severe back injuries that led to their departure from the group. Baizley and guitarist Peter Adams were left to put the pieces of the Baroness puzzle back together with a new rhythm section, but Baizley wasn't satisfied with simply getting the band back to where it was before. "The point wasn't to get back into decent shape," Baizley says. "It was to get back, get better and always be progressing. It was the lynchpin on which I hung all of my recovery."

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