OneRepublic / Sara Bareilles at Red Rocks, with Serena Ryder, 8/29/13

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Brandon Marshall

"Fuckin' Coloradans really love their music," marveled OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder last night at Red Rocks, summing up a windswept evening of music from his band and co-headliner Sara Bareilles. Though Tedder's outfit was last to take the stage, the group took it with a commanding presence, starting off strong with "Light it Up," before moving swiftly into "All The Right Moves," and then queuing up "Stop and Stare," which was followed by "Counting Stars," highlighted by Zach Filkins's Spanish guitar intro. Then came a red neon piano for a stripped-down version of "Apologize," in which Tedder tipped his hat to U2 and "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

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Brandon Marshall

Tedder got tender and personal sharing the stories behind the songs "Come Home" and "Preacher," the first about a newly-engaged friend being deployed to Afghanistan, and the latter a tribute to his grandfather who was "a million miles from million dollars/But you could never spend his wealth."

Brandon Marshall

The shake of the tambourine turned the amphitheater, for a moment, into something like an old-time tent revival. And then came "Golddigger," a spectacle of a Kanye West cover, heavy on the Ray Charles, which not only featured Tedder rapping, but served as a rhythmic palate cleanser from the pop-sensibilities on display all night.

Brandon Marshall

Tedder (exclaiming, "They're going to have to drag me off the stage at this point") and company closed their set and the night with a rousing encore that included "Feel Again," for which he thanked all those that downloaded the song and helped to raise $750K for Save the Children. OneRepublic's percussive trademark sound and Tedder's vocal prowess were still on full display with the closing numbers "Life in Color," and "If I Lose Myself."

Brandon Marshall

Sara Bareilles's set rocked Red Rocks in a different way, namely with melodious vocals and her self-proclaimed foul mouth. From the opening chords of "Once Upon Another Time," in her Aspen-style fringed suede, and backed by her Robert-Palmer-suited band, Bareilles made it abundantly clear that this show, her first time performing at Red Rocks, would not be the last.

Bareilles swung directly into her next songs, "Eden" and "Cassiopeia," the latter accompanied by ginormous cymbals, two cellos and a ton of swearing. (Bareilles apologized for what she called her "trucker mouth," saying that she'd "seen a doctor, and there's nothing they can do about it.")

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