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Update: Congrats to @MondayAdams. You and a guest will be our guests at the show. Check your email for details on how to claim your tickets. Thanks to everybody else for the entries.

MGMT is making its way back to the Mile High City for a show at the Fillmore Auditorium next Friday, September 6, just ahead of the release of its new album, which is due out a few weeks later on Tuesday, September 17. We've got a sweet, sweet giveaway to hook you up with that includes a pair of tickets to the show, along with balcony passes and two posters. Keep reading to find out how to win.

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To enter:

1. "Like" us on Facebook, which you can do right here. (Note: If you're already following us on Facebook, you're already eligible to enter; proceed to step two.)

2. Sign in to Livefyre and leave us a comment below with your e-mail address (so we can contact you directly if you win) and tell us why you'd like to go to the show.

3. Stop back by the blog next Wednesday to see if you've won.

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Fillmore Auditorium

1510 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

Category: Music

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I missed MGMT at Coachella in 2010 because I was outstairs. and I have a butt.

MondayAdams 1 Like

For a while, I thought MGMT was the name of some fantastic new pill that makes you see translucent elephants and finally solves the question: what does purple taste like? Turns out, this is NOT THE CASE!

Then, someone was like "HEY! READY YOUR HOLES FOR THIS VIDEO!" and I thought "Wow, that was aggressive, friend, but I enjoy your taste in music for my 'holes' so let's go!" and visited the old VideoTube to watch "Kids" which seems creepy to write without apostrophes. Here is my closest approximation of what watching that was like:

0:01  Whoa! Fire! Fire! Beavis and Butthead would have loved this. Flames: are they in slow motion? Am I? No one knows anymore.

0:27 "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster..." More of a "Whoa..." this time. Calm down with the preachy Nietzsche, music video. Just a dude here trying to relax to this nice, rolling fire.

0:39 "and if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." - Mark TWAIN? I like it better from Twain. Props for improperly attributing a quote to America's Bad-ass™.

0:53 I think the guy on the dispatch just said something kind about his secretary. Probably got him flowers, too. SEE WHAT I DID THERE? Secretaries are men, too. And, if you're lucky, a monkey riding a sheep.

1:02 Total Wonder Showzen flashbacks here. Also, why aren't there more anthropomorphic numbers? You'd think Sesame Street was craaaazy litigious. 

1:10 MUSIC STARTING! MUSIC STARTING! Also, toddler likely pooping. The face says it all. Long gazes into the abyss. DON'T GAZE!

1:17 Poop monsters come in and steal your regular diapers at night, kids. Then they replace them with poop filled ones. It's a victim-less crime.

1:30 Good lord, I can't stop laughing at this baby crying. Doesn't PETA at least step in at this point? No, and thank everything for that.

1:40 At this point, it's important to note that this monster looks like mostly "lady parts." I think that's the most delicate way I can put it.

1:56 "And I'm going STRAIGHT TO family services, you Cretans. Also, do you validate parking?"

2:08 Number of times this child has been pinched off camera so far: 38.

2:27 I recognize this street now: East Colfax, everyone!

2:49 "Hey, how 'bout I get a change? Knowwhaddimean?" This baby has some great zingers for the homeless.

3:02 Ahh, the Megolomania of rock stars. Who would fear a bunch of dudes wearing makeup and foil? 

3:14 Oh, didn't see the dog. The dog who had a recent surgery. The dog who is frowning. Someone help this dog.

3:34 Dogs hate mailmen and the undead. This can't bode well for our faceless fiend.

3:47 "You can't wear the band headband to the band video. God, I'm raising a moron. MORE WHITE ZIN PLEASE!" Also, really disappointed in that whole dog/uniformed man exchange. Real softball, there.

3:56 Sweet baby cage. 

4:08 After living in Colorado for over a decade, I can guarantee you that most monsters do drive Jeeps with a roll bar. 

4:19 Whoa.

4:36 Wolfenman, you just blew my goddamn mind. Thrust some more. You've earned it.

4:47 Or just divide your cells and give yourself some military commendations. 

4:54 Important note: toddler is now cartoon toddler after multiple pinches left him unable to sit in the baby cage.

5:00 NSFW! Then, when she turns into Chef, NSFE. 

5:00 E = everyone

5:10 True story: that's how I still run. Still working on the bursting into hot dogs part.

5:25 A firm nod to all British animation ever. Or a stiff curtsy. 


6:00 Here, you're safe in the hand of a rock star. Roll around in this "seasoning salt" I've left scattered everywhere.

6:07 Baby, meet your abyss.

It's my understanding that they perform that exact video at the live show, and so I must attend. I simply must.


I would love the opportunity to have an incredible, unforgettable night, creating memories with some of my closet friends. The chance to remember all of the wonderful times I've had while listening to MGMT in the past, while looking forward to the memories we've yet to create! Thanks for even having the contest! Best of luck to everyone! amanda . best 2 @ gmail . com -  (No spaces)


yes, it is time to check out MGMT in Denver -- john at elephantjournal dot com


( Would love to win the tix. Been unemployed since Memorial Day. Sent out 65 applications, mostly in my career field....and...nothing! Have had to sell tix to several shows this summer to get cash. I'm not starving or anything. lol. just would love to go to the show. Good luck to everyone and congrats to whoever wins the tix(if it's not me. lol)

anthonymaul 2 Like

I really have no idea who MGMT is but what I do know is my daughter wants to really bad and I can afford tickets right now my job isnt all that I want it to be...but I do know the smile on her face when she see's one of her favorite bands would be priceless for me to see...she is in her 2nd year in high school and I think she could use something to cheer her up...If I dont win thats ok too...But at least I can say I tired....thank you

frnknstein 1 Like

( Let me tell you something okay - I've liked MGMT since 2009 and can't begin to describe when I first (and last) saw them live - the Congratulations tour, June 11th, 2010 at Red Rocks. I've seen a lot of shows, met A LOT of people, but have never witnessed something like that night. My best friend and her big sister waited in line from noon to six. We got third row, center seats. We were lucky enough to meet Andrew and give him the things we made for the band. When a lot of people left during Siberian Breaks due to the weather, I was too stubborn to leave. (This and my shitty immune system, allowed me to get a cold but it was worth it). I've done a lot of things in my life, but to this day I still count that day to be the best night of my life. They are my favorite band and have been for 4 years. I even have a stick-and-poke MGMT tattoo that I did in 2011 (seriously...) I remember finding the TIme to Pretend EP at twist-and-shout and begged my cousin to buy it for me, since I didn't have money. I remember finding a giant MGMT poster at Comic Con - COMIC CON and that being the only item I went home with. I've waited so long for them to come back, but unfortunately have absolutely no money for tickets (I don't have a job yet). I absolutely don't want to miss this show. Please help.


I feel I am constantly defending Congratulations and all post-Oracular Spectacular output. They helped me find the psychedelia of yesteryear (Spacemen 3, 13th Floor Elevators, etc) and I owe them for that.


In dire need of getting back to my Connecticut roots.


I want to go to try to win a special lady's heart. kale_co (at)


I ( want to go to MGMT, but cannot afford tics.  I have never seen them, and feel it's a must go to show. 


I'd like to go to this show to see MGMT because it's Time To Pretend that this Electric Feel is not just for Kids, and I can then make Future Reflections on how much fun I had via Facebook. I would love to receive an email stating 'Congratulations, you have won admittance to an Oracular Spectacular! (


I want to go because I have missed MGMT the last few times they have come.  They were at red rocks before, but they can still tear the house down at the fillmore!


i'd like to win tickets because; music yeah!

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