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Back in 2008, at the peak of their Coachella-studded career, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser were living one dream (deliciously abstract pop art) and singing about another: one rooted in Paris, heroin, cocaine, "elegant cars" and "models for wives," to quote their festival-friendly earworm "Time To Pretend." And though those dreams went in a different zany direction on MGMT's ambitious, if alienating, sophomore album Congratulations in 2010, the guys are still nowhere near resorting to "jobs in offices" and "the morning commute." Later this month, MGMT will release its third and potentially most daring album to date: If early single "Alien Days" is any indication, the self-titled release promises to take yet another unexpected turn in Albuquerque, unspooling psychedelic melodies and oracular, spectacular verses as the guys seek to situate themselves somewhere between their influences and their appetites. But will the results be superb or strange -- or just somewhere in between?

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STS9 @ RED ROCKS | FRI & SAT, 9/6-9/7
Colorado is a favorite spot for many artists, but few are welcomed with such open arms on a regular basis as the Athens, Georgia-based psychedelic jam rockers Sound Tribe Sector 9. After a successful New Year's Eve three-night run, the quintet returned for shows in Telluride, and then made their SnowBall debut, and now the act returns for its annual two-night run at Red Rocks.

Deerhunter came from the same realm of house shows and DIY venues as other Atlanta bands like Black Lips and King Khan and the Shrines. The group's unique blend of punky garage rock and dream pop caught the attention of Chicago-based imprint Kranky, an imprint known for championing bands that combined rock instrumentation with electronic musical elements; it was a perfect fit for Deerhunter, whose guitar work often blurs the lines between guitar and keyboard sounds. Though the outfit has long since moved on to releasing records on larger indie labels like 4AD, Deerhunter is one of those bands that seems to operate like it's still holding on to its punk ideas.

Antonio Valenzuela

This weekend, Colorado Crush is going down once again with a pre-party tonight at Guerrilla Garden kicking things off, then the main event tomorrow, followed by an afterparty tomorrow night at Casselman's and more events on Sunday. From the sounds of it, the fourth edition of this annual hip-hop block party is going to be a block buster. Seriously. If you're an admirer of graf, this is the place to be. Along with more high profile graf writers painting, there's some local legends represented here. Add to that some battles and an afterparty with performances by People Under the Stairs, Expansion Team Soundsystem (Rakaa Iriscience & DJ Babu of Dilated Peoples) and a special Stay Tuned set featuring cats from the L.I.F.E. Crew. Should be dope. Even Mayor Hancock is slated to stop by. Check out the full rundown of the lineup and then make plans to head down.

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