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The Monkey Barrel, a new bar and live music venue being opened by Rock-a-Billies owner Jimmy Nigg, was slated to open last weekend. We've just got word that the opening has been pushed back to sometime in October due to construction delays.

See also: The Monkey Barrel set to open in former Salvagetti Bicycles space

As previously reported, Nigg says that when he first walked into the new space, which formerly housed Salvagetti Bicycles at 1611 Platte Street, it instantly reminded him of Third Street Dive, his favorite bar in Louisville, Kentucky. It was a punk rock bar with a black and white checkered bar top, red chairs and a giant neon sign of a skull and crossbones above the tap handles. There's no definitive launch date yet, but keep an eye on Backbeat. We'll let you know as soon as we know.

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The Monkey Barrel

1611 Platte St., Denver, CO

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Chase Squires
Chase Squires

say, whatever happened to those plans to reopen Gabor's, speaking of delays ... I remember reading the owner of the Edgewater Tavern was going to open something there, about a year ago.

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