Ultimate survival guide to Furthur at Red Rocks

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Eric Gruneisen
Bob Weir of Furthur, seen here during the band's Red Rocks run last September.

Tonight at Red Rocks, Furthur kicks off its highly anticipated four-night run. The band just announced a touring hiatus after its Mexico run in January, so you definitely won't want to miss these shows. Like the Dead, Furthur attracts followers that are unfailingly devout, all of whom you can meet and greet on Shakedown Street. If you fall into that category, no primer is needed, obviously. If not, here's everything you need to know to make the most of your experience.


Parking, Shakedown Street and transportation:

Parking is free at Red Rocks, and people usually begin congregating in the lots around 3 p.m. If you're looking for tickets, the earlier the better. We've always had more success just walking around the lot with a finger in the air than standing at the bottom of the main stairs like many do.

South lot is where you'll find Shakedown, the wild hippie bazaar of food, glass, clothing and you name it. Since this is Colorado, there will be people walking around with buds in their palm for sale, as well as lots of handmade jewelry, felafel and tiny hats. Parking is best in the upper North Lot. You can get down to south lot pretty easily, and while it's a steep downhill walk, it's far less congested to get out after the show.

The best way to travel is a party bus or limo, and there are a ton of them in business now. Uber app is also a great option -- although they could use some more drivers here in comparison to how they are in other cities. If you drive and find yourself not a sober as you expected after the show, there's also a line of taxi cabs waiting by the Trading Post, but you better jet out of there the second encore is over.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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LindaLee Law
LindaLee Law

Yes, transportation I.E RTD to take me there...

Steve Holmberg
Steve Holmberg

1. Ignore the fact that Phil STILL can't sing, and Bobby is too old (or substance filled) to stay on the beat. 2. Pretend the scene still has ANY of the elements a Grateful Dead show used to have. 3. Ingest enough substance to ignore the above 2 points so you can spin with your old deadhead friends like we used to when the music was good.

Alexandra Harrell
Alexandra Harrell

Except Phil Lesh and bob weir were actually in the grateful dead... But anywho! Bring camelbaks!

Patrick Layman
Patrick Layman

LOL at surviving a cover band that plays 12 notes a minute... just stop.

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