Furthur at Red Rocks, 9/22/13

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Eric Gruneisen

Last night marked the final show of Furthur's annual four-day Red Rocks run, and Mother Nature continued playing a prominent role as dark rain clouds quickly moved by on the horizon. Luckily, everyone came prepared for the worst, and for very good reason: Rain or shine, there was no chance anyone was missing what could possibly be the last show this band plays at Red Rocks.

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"Samson and Delilah" started out the night with a bang, the song starting with just Joe Russo on drums, accompanied by the whole band singing for the first verse before they each joined in with their instruments. The crowd favorite had everyone on their feet and dancing, excited because it sounded like once again we had a high energy band. Phil Lesh was slapping his bass with authority for the next song "Foolish Heart," as Kadlecik released beautiful ascending melodies from his guitar.

It all made for a nice bright, major-chord jam just as the rain started to drizzle down. As the band brought things down low and started up "Black Throated Wind," the wind quickly picked up and made us wonder, "are they controlling the weather or just commentating on it?" While Bob Weir's vocals had been strong all weekend, they sounded just a little tired here, understandably; it's been a long, hard weekend.

Eric Gruneisen

Kadlecik took over vocals, singing a beautiful version of "Brown Eyed Women," with the line, "sound of the thunder with the rain pouring down," coming just as the skies opened up on the venue. It got so windy at that point that Kadlecik's guitar strap almost came off for a second. He's so pro, though; he caught it almost immediately.

With just a quick melody change, the band transitioned into "New Speedway Boogie," with Sunshine Becker stealing the show with her angelic backup vocals. That shrill guitar tone from last night's "Althea" was back, but then so were Weir's strong vocals as he really went to town here. When the line "spend a little time on the mountain" was sang, the audience all pointed to the sky, making for a really powerful moment between band and fans. Once again, Kadlecik's guitar work shined as he laid down yet another soulful guitar solo. A quick tempo "Deal" closed the set with Chimenti taking the lead and showering the crowd with twinkly piano fills.

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Red Rocks Amphitheatre

18300 W. Alameda Parkway, Morrison, CO

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widespread paniccccccccc


IMHO, you do a disservice to call John K. a "fake Jerry". He is a very talented musician who has grown and developed into an integral member of this band.  Granted, it is his job to play the parts previously played by Captain Trips, but this is not a cover band. They play Grateful Dead songs, but the arrangements, jams and improvisations are unique to Furthur. To paraphrase the old saying with the name change , "After almost 50 years, there is nothing like a Furthur concert."


@David325 I agree with your statements and mentioned throughout my other reviews how he brings his own inflections and talents to the table.  I meant nothing derogatory with the term, just thought he really channeled Jerry with vocals, guitar tone and soul in that "Morning Dew"!

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