The bands at Riot Fest Denver ate boring sandwiches, while the fans grubbed like gods

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Aaron Thackeray
Ah, yes, so this is what they mean by "rabbit food." Oh, wait, those are plants. Eh -- same difference.

Being a rock star is clearly overrated. While the romanticized version might have you think it's all-night parties with all-you-can-eat pizza, followed by decadent, diabetic-coma-worthy binges on hot fudge speedballs, when you pull back the curtain, the sanitized, actualized version appears closer to a Sunday-school potluck with ho-hum, cold-cut catering, cold pasta salads and Cheetos. Looks like it's far better to be on this side of the stage. Continue to see what the bands were eating at Riot Fest versus what the fans were eating.

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The Bands Ate Like This...






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Steve Stevenson
Steve Stevenson

Those boring sandwiches were free, while the bbq and ice cream was $12 each.


During Bad Religion Greg Graffin commented that something cooking smelled really good out in the crowd and that he hoped someone would bring him a sausage.  Wasn't long before one appeared at the front of the stage for him.  He munched on it between songs.  Pretty funny.

Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman

It's the same at Denver Day of Rock. No big deal.

Jason Hornyak
Jason Hornyak

would be relevent if the fans got FREE bbq and iced cream.

dave.herrera moderator editor

@Jason Hornyak cream...what's that? Oh, I'm sorry. Were you saying something? Carry on. Love, the fat kid.

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