The twenty best hairdos at Riot Fest Denver

All photos by Eric Gruneisen unless otherwise noted

There was many magnificent manes at Riot Fest Denver this past weekend. We sent Eric Gruneisen out roaming the grounds in search of the most stunning locks, and he came across a wide variety of colorful hairstyles, from vibrant candy-colored 'dos to mohawks a plenty. Keep reading to see the twenty best hairdos at Riot Fest Denver.

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Tony Olivas
Tony Olivas

you mean worst hair. what is a mohawk? it's a way to find out someone is a total douche without ever having to talk to them.

June Weldon
June Weldon

DavEaston had this hair stile back in the 70s his was blue

Jenn McCrorey
Jenn McCrorey

Rhonda RToo Roberts, there you are on page 1!!!

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