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Aaron Thackeray

Kind of soggy over here today. No surprise. Colorado is notorious for dumping buckets of rain on concert-goers this time of year. Rain doesn't stop the show, though, and it shouldn't stop you. If you're a seasoned concert vet who already has head-to-toe rain gear at the ready, consider this a refresher. If you're one of those folks, however, that we've seen running around in one of those last-minute, makeshift trash-bag get-ups, here are some helpful hints to keep you from getting soggy while still looking chic -- well, rugged Rocky Mountain chic, anyway.

Aaron Thackeray

Number-one rule for every show: Bring a raincoat. A cheap poncho will do in a pinch, and if you're feeling charitable, bring a couple extras for others. The wind often makes them fly, though, and I don't want to deal with that, so I invested in a really nice, lightweight raincoat that can roll up and fit in a purse or cargo pocket.

Sometimes you bring it and it doesn't rain a drop, but it's all worth it when you need it, so at the very least, always have one in the car. I also have a sequined jacket with waterproof lining that works great in light rain, as rain rolls off sequins like it does off a duck's back. If you're determined to show off a really great outfit, take note: They even make clear raincoats now.

Aaron Thackeray

Besides rain, it can get chilly at night here, especially when it stops raining and you're soaking wet with half a show still to go. Bring a light hoodie or denim jacket for under the raincoat. Oftentimes, you don't even need it during the show, but it can sometimes turn straight cold afterward, and it's good for the walk back to the car, when, inevitably, you run into another group you know and get caught standing around talking. I have seen many people get into a foul mood after a great night because they're freezing while others are hugging goodbye. Having a hoodie is such a simple fix.

I don't like having pants on in the rain, so I do my best to have bare legs if it looks like rain. You know when you use the bathroom and pull your wet bathing suit bottoms up, and they don't fit right? It's like that, times 1,000. Forget getting sopping-wet skinny jeans back on. I go with denim shorts, because when they are wet, they feel sturdy and not like I am totally exposed. If you don't like to feel wet cotton on your skin, there are a ton of different high-tech running shorts and tennis skirts out there that are made from various synthetic materials and are totally cute and work great.

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Craig Hawkins
Craig Hawkins

Get a rain-suit and embrace it. Feel superior to the sillies who are wearing jeans and a thick cotton sweater.

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