Live Review: Walk The Moon at Ogden Theatre, with the Mowgli's, Smallpools, 10/26/13

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Brandon Marshall

For a band that played the Hi-Dive two years ago, Walk The Moon has done extremely well for itself, and if this sold out show was any indication, the band will be playing a much larger venue the next time around. The foursome was so strong from beginning to end, it's hard to pinpoint any one high point.

Brandon Marshall

The recorded versions of these songs are good, but seeing these guys perform them live was simply impressive. Musically, it was reminiscent of early era Talk Talk, and Petricca's powerful and expertly controlled falsetto had a richness reminiscent of Mark Hollis, especially on tunes like "Tightrope" with its HEALTH-like, noise-laced intro. "Fixin'" found Eli Maiman channeling a bit of Robin Guthrie with the ghostly, gently swirling guitar tones.

Brandon Marshall

The backdrop looked like a cartoon tree house, which suited the abstract tree design lighting that flanked the drum set. Together, the props the band brought, and the regular stage lighting gave the show a feeling of hyper reality, like it we were seeing a colorful, live music video with each song. The band seemed genuinely thrilled with how much love it was getting from the audience, which Petricca repeatedly acknowledged, even using the words "dream come true" at one point, referring to how he felt about the show.

Brandon Marshall

The set closed with a song that inspired more mass hand waving and fist pumping than anyone has probably seen at the Ogden in a good long while. During "Anna Sun," it genuinely felt like the same level of energy you'd get at a place with five to ten times as many people. The guys didn't wait long to come back, and when they returned, you could tell how happy they were. They even posed for a group shot with the crowd in the background.

Brandon Marshall

Geeky? Sure, but these guys knew they had played what had to be one of the best shows of their career so far, and that's what you do if you can. After that, the opening strains of a song that sounded familiar at first ended up actually being one of the greatest versions of "Burning Down The House" by the Talking Heads since that band last played it in the '80s. Petricca nailed Byrne's vocals and tonal mannerisms, without doing some sort of awkward pantomime. The show ended with "Jenny," and the band got the crowd to sing the chorus; it felt like you were really part of something special instead of just seeing another good show.

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