From Trent Reznor to Marilyn Manson, ten famous musicians before they were stars

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All performers, no matter who they are or how talented they may be, had a time before they were famous when they were still coming into their own. For some, that time can be awkward or even cringe-inducing to reflect on, while for others, the progression seems more natural. Take a look at these ten acts before they were stars.

Trent Reznor with Slam Bamboo
Before Trent decided to exorcise his demons on record he just wanted to make you dance. In this performance, Reznor's kept towards the back of the stage, practically behind a curtain, but around the 1:00 mark, you catch a clear close-up of Mr. Nine Inch Nails himself on keyboards. We can only guess that Trent's decision to dress in all black was an early hint at the "downward spiral" that was to come. For even more fun, check out Exotic Birds, which was another early project that both Trent and Chris Vrenna were involved with.

Dr. Dre with World Class Wreckin Cru
Remember when Eazy-E pulled out that old picture to dis Dre in the shiny suit? Well the get-up was only half the story. Hang in there until the 3:13 mark to hear Dre come out from behind the tables and drop his verse on this track.

Maynard James Keenan with C.A.D.
Nowadays, there's not really too much that Maynard can do to surprise us, but when we first saw this old footage, we have to admit it was totally outside of anything we expected. But then we learned that C.A.D. stands for "Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty," and it all somehow made more sense.

Tori Amos with Y Kant Tori Read
For the first thirty seconds here, we're not sure if we're looking at a music video or a late night Skinemax featurette. This is quite a far cry from Tori we all know today.

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George Young
George Young

Slam Bamboo: So obviously playing to backing tracks. None of them were even on time! And I'm sorry but that production was not a "live sound." Hilarious! Oh the 80's...

Ephen Stephens
Ephen Stephens

Atilla was nice. I'm gonna have to pick that up. Led Zeppeliny but good.

Ephen Stephens
Ephen Stephens

The World Class Wrecking Cru was dope!!! Maynard still sounded awesome. The RZA GZA just became more love able. F#*k Michael Bolton as usual. Great article. Manson should never rap again.

Josh Makelky
Josh Makelky

Who ISN'T DOWN with some Slam Bamboo!?!? How did they not get a record deal? And did the kind folks in that middle America audience have any idea of the greatness playing before them!??!?! EPIC!!!!

Terry Swarbrick
Terry Swarbrick

To exercise or exorcise demons, that is the question..

dave.herrera moderator editor

@Terry Swarbrick The former -- gotta give those buggers a workout before you cast them out. ;)

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