Mr. T or Ice-T: Who said it?

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Government shut down got you down? There, there, friend. Rest easy. Forget about the Tea Party upheaval for a minute. There's more pressing T's to cross right now, like seeing if you can figure out which "T" said what from the quotes below. Now this quiz isn't as random as you might think. Laurence Tureaud and Tracy Marrow have more in common than just an initial. Both men have made a living off of their rough and tumble roots -- one, an actor who tried his hand a rapping, and the other, a rapper who tried his hand at acting. Keep reading to see if you can guess which 1980s icon said what.

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1. "I tell people who I am. 'Cause they don't know me. You might have read something -- this or that. Like all the interview people I've been talking to since this morning. They say, 'Wow. He plays tough roles and whatnot, but he's really a nice guy.'"

2. "If you can't read, the only thing you can do is enjoy the pictures, not the whole story. Reading is the key to knowledge. Knowledge is the key to understanding."

3. "It's just one of those things that I was caught up in with the books, because when I was in high school, the cool kids were reading them. I started reading the books, and the next thing you know, you got a fifteen-year-old kid talking like a fifty-year-old man. And it just made me popular!"

4. "Selling drugs is not positive; robbing banks is not positive; all that shit is negative."

5. "I'm a product of the ghetto. I was born and raised in the ghetto. But the ghetto wasn't born and raised in me."

6. "I'm tough enough to fight them, and I'm not afraid of nothing. I'm not even afraid of death."

7. "Passion makes the world go round. Love just makes it a safer place."

8. "I don't fear nothing. I don't carry a gun. I don't have bodyguards around me. What you gotta do, do it. If they're gonna get you, they're gonna get you. That's something I don't fear."

9. "Being cool is when you win, you don't get too happy, and when you lose, you don't get too mad."

10. "Honor thy mother and father -- the bible makes it clear. If you break the rules, God help you, fool, you've got Mr. T to fear!"

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