Fresh Colorado hip-hop from Spoke In Wordz, Slo Pain, Manifes and Aires Jackson

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Back with another batch of fresh local hip-hop. This week, we've got a new clips from Spoke In Wordz featuring the 17th and Fokis, a cut from Slo Pain for hardcore fans, as well as fresh goodness from Rap League Manifest, assisted by Planet Asia, and Aires Jackson, who just dropped an incredible track and video. Continue on to see what's good.

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"Rubbish" - Spoke In Wordz, Fokis and the 17th - "Rubbish"
The video for this track dropped last week, and since then, it's attracted the attention of The Source, who featured it already, and Funk Master Flex, who's spotlighting it on his blog, In Flex We Trust right now. Praising the timeless nature of classic hip-hop, the unapologetic cut takes on the tropes of mainstream rap. Spoke In Wordz, the 17th and Fokis all spit scathing rhymes about the state of hip-hop, over production layered with big horns, piano stabs and boom-bap percussion.

"Strong Suvive" - Slo Pain
Slo Pain has built a rabid following with its fast-paced hardcore style. This song is an anthem for the fans with big production and a well composed hook that nods to the name of the crew's promotional company, Strong Survive. The bass-heavy synths lay the foundation for the song, over which the three MCs, Troll, DeJangles and Luni Spade, deliver fast-paced rhymes.

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