Flowchart: Should I go see this old band or not?

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This gentleman is as old your grandpa, but probably twice as cool.

It seems like every month one old-ass act or another is rolling through town. On the plus side, they've got all those great hits. On the minus side, they're often past their prime. Having trouble deciding whether or not you should check them out? Lucky you, we've cobbled together a handy guide to help you decide whether to not you should part with your hard-earned loot to see some of these old coots. First, though, let's define some terms: Is the band you're thinking about old?


Okay, so should I go see this old-ass band or not?


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Ellen Kessler
Ellen Kessler

So, ummmm, people over 50 aren't allowed to be on your FB page because we're "grandmothers?"

Katherine Cornwell
Katherine Cornwell

According to your flowchart I should indeed go see Fever in the Funkhouse's final gig in Dallas at Poor David's Pub.

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