Review: Michal Menert, with Run the Jewels, at the Fillmore Auditorium, 11/16/13

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Darian Simon

Taking the stage waving a Colorado state flag bearing his own name, Michal Menert humbly thanked the crowd for coming out and supporting him and then opened up the throttle of samples. With a new custom light stage, AC Lao on the drums, and various artists joining him on stage for specific tracks, Menert's final show on his Space Jazz tour pulled out all the stops for the hometown throw down. Despite the electricity of excitement in the air, the show remained relatively tame until the end when some other Colorado music personalities joined him on stage to close out the night.

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Darian Simon

If you follow Menert on any of his social media outlets, you'll already know that his lighting guy, Herm, has been crushing production for the current tour. At the Fillmore, Herm designed a pyramid of moving cans that created fantastic geometric lighting patterns throughout the venue in real-time with the music. The chemistry Menert has been able to develop with everyone involved in the show is obvious from the seamlessness of the production.

Darian Simon

There were many surprise guests for the night, as promised, as well as a few minor peaks that really separated the show. Later in the set, Menert grabbed the microphone and rapped a track -- a nice change from the status quo -- shedding light on his roots as a musician and lyricist. Though stylistically different, if you closed your eyes, you could almost picture Slug from Atmosphere during the Menert's delivery; it has this dirty crispness to it that sat on the beat perfectly, and changed the pace up a bit.

Darian Simon

For the encore, Menert brought out Dominic Lalli of Big Gigantic for a new track titled "When ou Lose Your Money, Please Don't Lose Your Mind," and his saxophone danced playfully on the beat, providing a great compliment and ender for the night. Along with Lalli's presence, Mux Mool and SuperVision also joined Menert on stage for a few selections, the only constant being AC Lao's steady drumming.

Darian Simon

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I am so happy everyone I invited to go to this show cancelled! First of all Mr. Menert you are talented but you are not God. The Eye of Providence as your stage and you are the "God"  or the eye ..the all seeing eye watching over mankind.  Nice try but a freemason you are not. Nothing like cranking up the hardcore rap and totally agitating real pretty lights fans. What a mismatch..what a mistake to follow you down this path. I wonder if the inspiration for your production was actually a forced anal probing? Absolutely terrible. I have seen pretty lights, bass nectar, break science, the list goes on and on and on... and I have to tell you that for as talented as you are suppossed to be I can see why you have never really made it as big as your peers. You are completely out of touch with what your dwindling fan base really wants to hear. WE ENJOY IT WHEN YOU SAMPLE and do not talk or yell or rap or sing... we especially do not like it when fake gold chains are thrown into the crowd and the performer tells us to go beat down people on the street for no reason. I heard your first track and split along with ten other past fans. A little advice.. try not to be the jack of all trades and the master of none. Stick to the program and you will maybe with a lot of luck become famous like Derek Vincent Smith.


The reality is that I was let down by you.. i expected more and we all deserved more.. i never gave up on you over the years... what gives?

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