Review: Steve Aoki at Ogden Theatre, with Borgore and Waka Flocka Flame, 11/12/13

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Brandon Marshall

Before Steve Aoki took the stage, as the lights dropped and the crowd chanted the headliner's name, two human pillars of symmetrical hexagons took the stage on each side, and a digitized voice slowly intoned "A-O-KI." As soon as the Aoki took his place, confetti rained down and the lights started tracing the contour of the crowd, and didn't stop. It's a bold move starting your show with what some would consider a grand finale.

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Brandon Marshall

What we would later learn about the pillars of hexagons is that they were actually cryo-gun wielding robots sent to cool the crowd in rigid choreography. There's always going to be a creative boundary to push in visual production as long as there are people performing in front of it, and with these cryo-bots, it seems Aoki, who blasted the crowd himself, has been able to add yet another element.

Brandon Marshall

Adding to the mayhem of an already hyped crowd was the ritual cake toss, during which Aoki takes cakes and catapults them into the throng, making sure everybody gets a taste. "No Beef," a "Pon De Floor" evoking dance hall track, provided the soundtrack. Elsewhere, Aoki worked his way through some tracks from Wonderland, interspersed with some of new stuff with Linkin Park. When Borgore joined him for the track they released together, they had the whole crowd chanting their names in unison. With Aoki performing at least 200 shows a year, it's impressive that he can maintain this pace and level of energy without ever letting it seem like any of this is getting old for him.

Brandon Marshall

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