Sancho's Broken Arrow makes repairs to ceiling

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You might've seen a picture floating around Facebook this morning in which it looks like part of the ceiling caved in at Sancho's Broken Arrow at Colfax and Clarkson. Turns out, the soffit around the bar indeed slipped. But according to Jay Bianchi, folks worked through the night repairing it, and it's completely secure now. "It looks actually better than it did," says Bianchi, "because we moved some tile and put some more posters up."


"There were no injuries, just fear," Bianchi reports. "Fear and adrenaline." Bianchi thinks that the soffit had been slipping for about thirteen years, and it just moved a fast inch. The bar will be open today as usual.

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Sancho's Broken Arrow

741 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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