Video: See Amanda Palmer sing Journey with Boulder Bassoon Quartet at Denver house show

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Brandon Marshall
Amanda Palmer at Red Rocks from her show with DeVotchKa this past summer.

Amanda Palmer has caught a lot of flak in the past few years for her seemingly iconoclastic ways. From raising a then-unprecedented 1.2 million dollars to finance her album via Kickstarter to then putting out a call to local musicians to perform with her for free at tour stops across the country, Palmer has become a polarizing figure who's inspired and incensed people in equal measures.

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So much has been made of the merits of her communal approach to business that it's easy to overlook the very real connection she's made with her fans, all of whom seem more than happy to step up and serve as her benefactors. We've seen no clearer example of this than in this video of Palmer performing at a house (well, apartment club house, rather) show somewhere in Denver earlier this year.

In the past couple weeks, we've posted a feature about the viability of home shows, and spoke to David Bazan and Will Johnson, who each offered their perspectives, but when you watch this clip, you'll see precisely first hand why the prospect of playing these intimate home shows is so attractive to touring musicians.

In addition to some grin-inducing moments featuring the Boulder Bassoon Quartet playing "Don't Stop Believing" while Palmer Googles the lyrics on her phone and then sings along sitting on a couch, the nine and a half minute video above shows just how invested her fans actually are and how they've bonded and formed new friendships based initially on her music, and it also gives some insight into Palmer's perspective.

Continue on to see Palmer playing for a few of her Denver fans

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Allison Beach
Allison Beach

She is a beautiful, beautiful human being. Jesse Vanderhamm)

Sterling Meeks
Sterling Meeks

Anything that involves Journey on a mass scale should be considered a crime against humanity.

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