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FRI & SAT | MOE. at OGDEN THEATRE | 12/6-12/7
The latest studio album from moe., 2012's What Happened to the LA LA's, features the kind of lengthy improvisations and folk-rock structures that made the Buffalo natives such hits in the jam-band scene starting in 1989. The group's live shows have also stuck to well-established patterns, spanning several nights and featuring a mix of old, new and borrowed material: The group is just as apt to play extended versions of tunes from 1996's No Doy or a cover of a Pink Floyd cut as it is to stick to songs from its latest record.

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Still, as established as the quintet is, for those paying attention, the outfit's recent effort shows signs of creative growth: LA LA's marked moe.'s first release of entirely new tunes since 2008, just as it represented the band's first collaboration with an independent producer. That kind of creative evolution is bound to have an impact on the group's live dynamic.

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