New local dance music/mixes from PowTron, Paul Basic, Mux Mool and Toy Box

Britt Chester
Paul Basic rocking the crowd at Cervantes'

Welcome back to another edition of In the Mix, a feature in which we spotlight new dance tracks and mixes from some of the hottest Colorado producers and DJs. We've got an eclectic mix on deck this week, with new cuts and mixes from PowTron, Paul Basic, Mux Mool and Toy Box. Continue on to get the drop on what's good this week.

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PowTron - Techtonics 015 (Digitally Imported Radio - Live @ Stonk Music)
If you are looking for a solid deep house mix to get things going for in the early hours, look no further than the latest from PowTron. While people say disco is making this monumental comeback in the form of nu-disco, really it's just some glitter added to deep house cuts. Just the same, if this mix doesn't have you primed for late night parties and early morning throw downs, then check your pulse.

Paul Basic - "Color of My Soul" (Official remix for Pretty Lights)
Hot damn! Paul Basic is on a roll. Fresh off the release of Transient Horizons, he drops this spacey remix of a classic Pretty Lights cut. This track sounds like it would've fit prefectly on Glowing in the Darkest Night two years ago, but instead, Paul Basic updated the sounds and lends his personal style to someone else in his PL family.

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