The best rap shows in Denver in December

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MON | JAY Z at PEPSI CENTER | 12/2/13
Ever since Reasonable Doubt was released, Jay Z's esteemed career has continued on a path of lyrical and stylistic mastery that leaves no doubt whatsoever. Well beyond the need for braggadocio, the rapper's confidence and long-sustained commercial success are self-evident, which doesn't prevent him from declaring as much anyway. This style of lavish self-aggrandizement, carried out/exhibited by the legendary Kool G Rap and passed on to Jay and his contemporaries, remains a huge part of the current mainstream hip-hop identity.

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Jay-Z's brand is the model for success beyond rap, beyond even music. He's not a businessman; he's a business, man, and his sphere of influence extends into fashion, liquor and dining. Although Jay's debut is likely his most treasured album among the hip-hop faithful, followups like The Blueprint and The Black Album are arguably just as influential and probably more fun to listen to. He may be past his musical prime, but his name still commands the utmost respect. Even the relative disappointment that was Magna Carta...Holy Grail, which would be a success for most other rappers, is a testament to his legacy.

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Blazar Seeda
Blazar Seeda

I'm looking forward to there actually being a real hip hop scene with good rappers in Denver. Check out Izm White

Justin Day
Justin Day

5th time seeing Jay-Z today. He kills it live..

Michael Sabin
Michael Sabin

Darn, and I'm gonna miss jayz? aww....dangit all!

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