The six best female vocalists in EDM

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Britt Chester

Female vocalists and EDM go together like 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton sheets in a five-star hotel. It's an ideal pairing. What's more, the sweet, sweet vocals many of these ladies offer up are often times what makes the songs stand out. It's certainly the part of the tune that gets gleefully lodged in your head long after the last refrain has faded. Here's a list of the best female vocalists in EDM right now.

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Ellie Goulding
With an impressive catalog that includes Skrillex, Bassnectar, Calvin Harris, and Tinie Tempah, Ellie Goulding is easily the hottest vocalist in EDM. She's untouchable. She has managed to grow from her sheltered singer-songwriter roots to be in the limelight as the go-to vocalist for the biggest names in dance music. Sure, it might have helped that she dated Skrillex, but that also just proves that Skrill-daddy knows a good voice when he hears one. With tracks like "Lights" getting remixed plays by every DJ in the game, it was a surefire way for Goulding to climb the ranks, and eventually be the hottest star in the game.

Haley Gibby
Though her success really came from features on Kaskade tracks, Haley Gibby's smoky vocals can be heard on various EDM bangers, including cuts by Tiesto and ATB, among others. She provides a lovely voice on trance tracks, which just click perfectly thanks to her sultry croon. "Dynasty," a track by Kaskade, might be the one that put her in the spotlight, but she's steadily climbing her way into her own, and you can bet she'll be sitting comfortably at the top of the pop charts very soon.

Emma Hewitt
Contralto vocalists are in high demand right now (see: Lorde, Lana Del Rey), and Emma Hewitt is quickly making her name known beyond the EDM scene. As her music falls under the broad umbrella of trance music, she has gained recognition by headlining festivals under her own name, rather than simply being featured on mainstream DJ's acts. She holds her own on the biggest stages in the world and can deliver the same intensity of vocals in a club setting. Should she choose to move into the pop world, it won't be long before her voice is heard on the airwaves round the world.

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Emmmmmm... lisa rowe?



No Aruna, no Jaren, no Justine Suissa? Ouch!! And even though she's rather new to EDM, Taryn Manning melts my ears more than any one with her smokey voice (Summer Ashes original and Culture Code remix, Send Me Your Love original and KDrew remix, Seeking of the Truth original). At least Heather Bright (Escape Culture Code remix for the win!) made your list, the others on it I don't really appreciate at all.

P.S. Ellie Goulding is way overrated.

Katherine Vail
Katherine Vail

I think there are better vocals on drum and bass tracks

Tony Johnson
Tony Johnson

None of them comes close to Jan Johnston (showing my age with that one...)

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