EDM continued to thrive in 2013: The scene's most memorable people, places and moments

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Christopher Morgan

While electronic dance music has always thrived in one form or another, in 2012 it stormed into the mainstream, and in 2013 it continued to thrive. You can still hear its influence everywhere. Countless musicians have worked elements of EDM into their sound, and seemingly every company have wanted in on the game, as well. From holding high-profile residencies at some of the biggest clubs in the world to headlining major festivals, EDM remained strong this past year. Here's a look back at the most memorable people, places and moments in EDM 2013.

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SFX Entertainment bought the industry
SFX Entertainment, the brainchild of former Livenation front man Robert Sillerman, owns electronic dance music. His company has acquired majority stake in major festivals all over the country, bought into the biggest and best nightclubs in America, and continues to acquire stake in your favorite aspects of the industry. If it can make money, SFX will buy into it. When SFX recently went public, Sillerman and Afrojack stood side-by-side as they rang the digital bell of the NASDAQ trading floor. How big is EDM? You can buy stock in it.

Steve Aoki used Richard Simmons in a music video
You haven't hit the big time until you can literally get whomever you want to play in a music video with you. With this in mind, the Dim Mak founder Steve Aoki could only think of one person he wanted to party with in a video for a new single, and that person happened to be Richard Simmons. The funny thing is that it's not even a fitness song -- well, granted, just about any EDM track could be considered a fitness song -- but Aoki just wanted to work with the guy because he's, well, Richard Simmons.

Pretty Lights nominated for a Grammy
Now, this isn't that far-fetched because the new Pretty Lights album is a fucking monster album, but it does say something about the grassroots movement that has propelled EDM into the mainstream. Pretty Lights' Derek Vincent Smith is not a musical god, by any means, but he is spearheading a movement of music that is changing the way people move. Opting to emerge from the sample-based world of beats that helped him find his success, Smith's 2013 release A Color Map of the Sun featured a spectrum of sounds that showcased the artist's versatile musical abilities. Using instrumentalists from all over the country, Smith built each track from the ground up.

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