The best gifts for any EDM fan, cheap to pricey

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Ian Witlen

For those of us who require bass-boosted, skull-numbing amplification in our ears, it's hard to find just the right set of headphones. The same over-the-top proclivities apply to all aspects of our musical experience, be it the visual aspect, the clothes we wear, or even the bags we tote around. As the holiday season builds to its peak next week, we've put together a comprehensive list of gifts that any EDM fanatic won't return, won't begrudgingly smile about and won't stash under the heap of socks or sweaters that granny sewed 'em.

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Earplugs - $1.00-$12.00
As you're no doubt aware, many EDM shows blast music at deafening volumes, which can obviously cause hearing problems down the road. What's that? WE SAID LOUD MUSIC CAN CAUSE HEARING DAMAGE. All kidding aside, tinnitus is no joke. Ask somebody who suffers from it. For a few bucks, you can help preserve your friends' hearing. Put together a gift package that includes a stock of these, and let 2014 sound even better!


Beatport Gift Certificate
What EDM fan wouldn't want a card that allows them access to every great song being dropped by the world's best producers? Beatport tracks are released at the highest quality possible, so your giftee will be getting the creme de la creme of quality.


Grassroots California Lid - $17-$42
Grassroots California creates some of the dopest lids in the game. Featuring custom brain buckets for Big Gigantic, Del Tha Funky Homosapien, VibeSquaD, Camp Bisco, Cheech and Chong and tons more, Grassroots knows how to make sure you top off your style in the slickest way possible. Each hat is custom-crafted with interior graphics, embroidered on the outside with insane detail, and even a little stash pocket hidden somewhere.

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Travis Page
Travis Page

Ecstasy and insecure teenage girls make a good gift for people like this too.

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