Neutral Milk Hotel at the Boulder Theater March 30 and the Ogden Theate March 31

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The on-sale date and time on the show announcement that we just received from our friends at AEG is followed by three exclamation points, and that seems perfectly reasonable. After all, it's a pretty big deal. In fact, if you're like a certain former co-worker of ours, who we just know would be absolutely beside herself at this news, you're probably hyperventilating as we speak. And, you know what? Go ahead! Have at it! I mean, Neutral Milk Hotel? Two dates? Holy crap!!!

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After a solo show at the Ogden Theatre in April of last year, Jeff Mangum is making his way back to Denver for a Neutral Milk Hotel show with Elf Power at the Ogden on Monday, March 31, as well as a date the night before at the Boulder Theater on Sunday, March 30. Tickets for the Ogden show are $36.75 (plus fees) and go on sale this Saturday, December 14, at 10 a.m.!!! Tickets for the Boulder Theater date are also $36.75, and go on sale this Friday.

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I dated 4 different depressed wannabee hipster girls in denver who all made youtube covers of airplane, they didn't know eachother but they should form a band to open for them and call themselves Quirky Unique Deep Snowflake, nevermind thats a horrible idea, they would really suck.

Angela Criswell
Angela Criswell

If scalpers fuck this up for me I'm going to be furious.

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