Review: EOTO at Fillmore Auditorium, 12/7/13

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Tom Murphy

When Jason Hann sang the opening line of "In The Air Tonight" by Phil Collins towards the end of EOTO's set, it seemed more appropriate than cheesy. Also a singing drummer, Hann offered a heavier dub take of the song, rather than the pounding tom fill and more conventional synths that mark the original. Even the bass drop used here was more smoothed out than usual, which made this rendition seem more moody and atmospheric. EOTO is good at taking the familiar and making it weird and interesting enough with subtle changes to a core sound.

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Tom Murphy

With lotus leaf projection screens in front of both Hann and Michael Travis and behind them, EOTO made extensive use of creative video mapping to turn the whole show into a perpetually shifting and evolving audio-visual experience. The richness of the visuals, both in colors, textures and in the myriad applications of the twin banks of lasers, matched the diverse layers of the music, from scaly eyes opening and closing to a giant mouth with teeth opening and closing to a psychedelically-colored vehicle flying through space like something out of the Rig Veda or Mahabharata.

Tom Murphy

EOTO got funky at one point in the show, but the transitions between "songs" was so seamless that it often it seemed like a movement with no formal breaks. The momentum never really dropped throughout the show; Hann played without much of a break for the better part of two hours, while Travis switched instruments and tasks throughout the show. When the duo created builds, it was always swimming in some kind of melody in the higher registers, and that was the focus as much as the bass drop, like countervailing forces coming together to create something stronger.

Tom Murphy
Desert Dwellers at the Fillmore Auditorium

The show opened with a duo called Desert Dwellers, who offered up a set of soul-flavored downtempo with elements of trance's fluid, textured atmospherics. The sampled vocals sounded like something out of an R&B song recontextualized. In certain ways, the act's sound recalled a more chilled out version of the Orb. The Dwellers' transitions were smooth, and the final section of its set had a fantastic build that seemed to create a sound like attaining some kind of existential peak, reaching a psychological vista and surveying a windswept bigger picture perspective.

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Fillmore Auditorium

1510 Clarkson St., Denver, CO

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